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Operation Smile South Africa
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Friday, 17 February, 2017
Opportunity type: 
Title: Programme Coordinator
Start Date: April 1st, 2017
Reports to: Snr Programme Coordinator and Country Manager
Travel: Frequent International and Domestic travel 

The Program Coordinator will work with the Snr Programme Coordinator, Patient Coordinator and Country Manager, on the preparation, execution, and reporting of all surgical programs in South Africa.  They will work to help develop the 5 year strategic plans for programs in South Africa including timelines. The coordinator is responsible for all referral patients in South Africa, World Care Patients, medical volunteers and all surgical programs.
The Program Coordinator is responsible for all logistics pertaining to programs of Operation Smile South Africa including fact finds, working with in-country hosts, leading the mission, and reporting on it.  You will work with the Snr Programme Coordinator and OSSA team to help to incorporate our sponsors in missions through employee volunteer programs and press conferences to promote the relationships.  This job will also involve assisting with fundraising efforts from local companies as well as working with local media to create more brand awareness in the South Africa.
The Program Coordinator is responsible for all activities pertaining to Operation Smile South Africa surgical programs including:
Medical Mission/ Fact Finds/ Strategic plan for programs:
In South Africa

  • Work with the Snr Programme Coordinator to oversee the Medical Council and facilitate recruitment of medical volunteers and the procurement of medical supplies and drugs within South Africa
  • Working with the Snr Programme Coordinator and Program Officer from HQ to develop plan for adding value to cleft centers
  • Plan execute/lead missions within South Africa
  • Work with the Snr Programme Coordinator in helping to facilitate medical volunteer’s participation and with the Chapters and Student Programs Coordinator in helping with non-medical volunteer’s involvement in workshops and conferences outside of the Region.
  • Help develop a strategic plan for programs within South Africa and for the growth and sustainability of programs within each partner country.
  • Fact Finds and assessment trips to set up and prepare for programs in new sites/countries for missions
  • Working with the Snr Programme Coordinator and Program Officer for volunteer management and to develop a rewarding system (volunteer retreat, volunteer of the quarter etc.)
  • Assist in creating networks and support to ensure smoothly run, safe, and cost-effective medical missions with new and existing private and corporate partners.
  • Recruit medical volunteers with a goal of doubling the volunteer base and continuously expanding thereafter.
  • Work with Communications Coordinator to obtain coverage and recognition for Operation Smile missions, fund-raising events, board members, and major donors.
  • Work with incoming media who may be a part of mission teams. Provide feedback on all media coverage to Communications Coordinator.
  • Provide accurate reports on programs to help plan and develop future ones and to provide feedback to our sponsors and volunteers.
  • Work in collaboration with OSI and the research and outcomes department to formulate research proposals and projects, support in getting the research approved by IRB and finding of implementing partners in each country to assist with research. Support foundations with communication of research results and implementing of any suggestions from information gathered.

World Care Programme (WCP)

  • To assist in the development and strengthening of quality control systems to enable the WCP Programme in South Africa to provide better quality of care, follow-up support and accountability
  • Ensure that patient report is written for all patients which receive surgery
  • Ensure that adequate follow-up is conducted for all patients is who receive surgery
  • To maintain regular and timely communication with partners, funders and WCP foundations and stakeholders
  • To update process document and share with local foundations
  • To conduct partnership and site visits within South Africa, and possibly internationally, to develop new networks to support expansion of World Care Programme.
  • To keep track of World Care budgets and update after each patient has received surgery

South Africa Patient Referral

  • Update and maintain process document for Patient Referral Programme
  • Strengthen partnerships with comprehensive cleft centres in South Africa
  • Strengthen partnerships with Operation Smile South African-based volunteer plastic surgeons
  • Develop and maintain current database of referral patients
  • Refer patients to relevant plastic surgery,
  • Conduct necessary follow-ups to ensure that patients receive post op care, either through Operation Smile post op events, or through cleft centre arrangements

General Team Performance

  • Prepares for and actively participates in scheduled team meetings
  • Prepares for and actively participates in team reviews
  • Updates all current working documents including one pagers, schedules and timelines across programmatic areas that he or she is responsible for
  • Has a good understanding, and is knowledgeable of all education programmes conducted in Africa.

Experience Required (education/work):

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Non-profit Management, Public Health, International Relations,
  • 2+ years of international program / project experience.
  • 2+ years of office experience.
  • Experience living and/or working abroad.
  • Work experience in an international NGO context (Operation Smile experience preferred).
  • Medical field exposure would be helpful.

Characteristics/Skills Required:

  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills required.
  • Ability to work off hours (on-call), sometimes responding to calls or e-mails early in the morning, late at night or on weekends.
  • Must have excellent organization and time management skills and be able to prioritize requests efficiently and effectively.
  • Approachable personality with ability to manage stress and communicate needs appropriately.
  • Must be a motivated individual with proven ability to lead, coordinate, and facilitate projects and teams.
  • Must be able to handle issues with diplomacy, tact and cultural sensitivity.

Salary range is R15,500 – R17,250 (experience dependent)
Please to send CV and motivation letter to careers@msct.co.za

Closing date Friday 17th of Feb.
No job description can be all embracing. Associated duties which can be reasonably considered to be part of the job shall form part of the job responsibilities. In addition, if required, an employee may be allocated to other temporary duties, provided these are in keeping with his/her skills and experience.
The Programme Coordinator will at all times, act with professionalism in all activities and will maintain the confidentiality of the privileged management and donor information. The person will readily accept new assignments consistent with the mission of Operation Smile.

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