Call for Proposals: Consultant/Service Provider - Technical Assistance to Kheth’impilo

Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 18 January, 2017
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

The South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) leads South Africa’s response to the national HIV and AIDS, TB & STIs epidemics. SANAC is building a dynamic team that can facilitate its effective leadership of the national response.

Appointment of a Consultant/ Service provider to Provide Technical Assistance to KHETH’IMPILO to improve performance of their Global Fund Grant.

SANAC Trust wishes to appoint a consultant to focus on the following:

  • A brief diagnostic to understand what the root causes of the challenges are and to determine where best to provide targeted technical assistance. Using a structured diagnostic template, the team would draw information from:
    • KI and its SRs (and SSRs if necessary)
    • CCM oversight committee
    • National and Provincial Government Departments/PCAs where relevant
    • LFA
    • Global Fund Country Team
    • CCM secretariat
  • It is anticipated that the following areas will require interventions:
    • Programmatic and financial performance
    • Programme acceleration tools
    • Support to KI and SRs in their catch-up plans in order to facilitate swift implementation and catch up on their Year 1 indicators. This should include getting the DBE as well as DoH on board to appreciate that funding is outcomes based.
    • Review and refinement of their grant management system to deal with challenges including expenditure and cash flow forecasting for the PR and SRs.
    • PR capacity analysis of all key functional areas and make recommendations for strengthening
    • Design innovative way to ensure an accelerated catch up plan is developed
    • Work with KI to ensure programme and financial performance is improved in year one - as the outcome of the consultancy
  • Prepare an initial report after an analysis has been done and share this with CCM secretariat in order to develop an action plan
  • Note- as the detail of the size of the problem and the work to be done will only become clear once the work starts, ongoing communication with the Executive Manager: Donor Coordination is necessary to ensure that any adjustments in the TOR that become necessary are made timeously
  • A final report that covers all the work described will need to be presented to the GF CCM secretariat at the end of the contract.

Closing date for proposal 18 January 2017 at 11h00
For more information please visit SANAC Trust website on click SCM scroll down to RFQ or alternatively request a document from or contact Ms. Beullah Mthombeni at 0127481009

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