Participatory Video Course

Community Development Resource Association (CDRA)

You are invited to participate in a 6-day essential skills workshop that will prepare and equip you to carry out your own Participatory Video process in your work environment or communities you are working with. The workshop space enhances experiential learning through which you will glean and gain a wide range of Participatory Video techniques.

The workshop will introduce the InsightShare Participatory Video model that has been refined through 20 years of fieldwork in 60 countries and 300 projects across multiple cultural contexts.

What is Participatory Video?

The methodology is focused on supporting a community driven response to effect the social change the community itself aspire to. It rapidly teaches participants group-based film-making skills and how to use video equipment through collaborative games and exercises, that strengthens inclusiveness. It brings people together to explore issues that matter to them, voice concerns or simply to be creative and tell their stories the way they want them to be told.

Facilitators help groups to identify and analyse important issues in their community. Short videos and messages are planned and filmed by community participants, these in-turn are reflected back to the community. This initiates a process of internal conversation that celebrates success, local knowledge and reinforces bio-cultural heritage, in pursuit of positive change within the wider community.

Community screenings are at the heart of the process. These are energized spaces where diverse ideas and perspectives can to be validated, questioned and challenged. This creates fertile grounds for radical shifts in personal and collective opinion, attitude and behavior.

Participatory Video’s emphasis is always on people and not on the technology. The methodology in essence is focused on supporting a community driven response to effect the preferred reality people collectively aspire to.

Location and dates

Venue: CDRA offices, 52-54 Francis Street, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Dates: 12th - 17th November 2018

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Who is this Workshop for?

  • developmental practitioners
  • facilitators either in-field or supporting in-house organisational development
  • activists and community change-makers
  • community builders
  • anyone else who is seeking a deeper participatory practice
The insights and quality of process you will leave with in your hands, is something you will be able to go back home with, to step into your personal journey to seed and share Participatory Video in the spaces and places you work and/or play.

Workshop Approach

This will be an intense journey that will demand full participation of all participants to work with a process they collectively design and own. The facilitators will ensure that participants learn from each other and by working with the process for themselves. The approach is exclusively hands-on and reinforced through-out by group learning and reflection sessions. Our underlying learning method is simply just doing PV, this we know solidifies authentic practice and catalysis a flexible process that you will be able to adapt and replicate over and over again.

Participants will leave with clarity about what Participatory Video is and more importantly, what it is not! Arriving back home with a head-full of information, some new knowledge and hand-fulls of know-how, excited to get working with the tool in their own backyards. Each day a short case study will help widen the horizon for participants to explore the Application of Participatory Video, how InsightShare are modifying the Tool for innovative applications.

Participants will be inspired to do it again for themselves, to support this expectation a session in the workshop will support participants to draft a concept that defines what it is they want to do with the Tool, with what they have available, when they get back home. An expected outcome of the workshop would be a loose learning group, to foster networking and provide the support participants need, to do the real work of doing it for themselves and in the doing to become facilitators.

The workshop will follow InsightShare’s facilitated approach and design, which allows participants to get a real feel for what it actually feels like to be both a participant and the facilitator within a Participatory Video process.

The workshop will be facilitated by Neville Meyer (InsightShare’s lead trainer in Africa) and is modeled on the tried and tested design of the 6-day courses offered by InsightShare in the UK.

Workshop fees

The workshop fees for this event are as follows:
Category Costing (excluding VAT)
Community Based Organisations R3600 plus VAT
Local CSOs, government and freelance individuals R7200 plus VAT
National and INGOs, donor organisations and corporates  R9000 plus VAT
*The workshop is limited to a maximum 16 participants
* For those who are really keen to be part of this exchange in the national and INGO category, but are unable to commit to the full 6-day process, you will be able to peel away after day 3. If this is you, you will need to provide a motivation in the registration form, sorry you still will be subject to the full cost.

Costs include:

  • 6-days of training and experiential sharing
  • access to equipment
  • learning resources.
  • light lunch and teas over the duration.
  • Post workshop support and networking
Travel, all other meals and accommodation are the responsibility of the participants.
Should you be looking for assistance to find affordable accommodation, please feel free to contact Marlene (see below) to provide you with some options to consider.

Registration & Queries

Any questions about the Participatory Video can be addressed to:
Neville Meyer: - 060 8538736
For questions about application, registration, payment or workshop logistics contact:
Marlene Tromp:
Apply here:

Event Start Date: 
Monday, 12 November, 2018
Event End Date: 
Saturday, 17 November, 2018
Event Venue: 
CDRA offices, 52-54 Francis Street, Woodstock, Cape Town
Event Type: 
Western Cape

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