Programmes and Activities

SANGONeT’s activities centre around three interrelated programme areas:
  • Civil Society Information Services
  • ICT Services
  • ICT Advocacy
During the past few years SANGONeT has conceptualised and implemented the following strategic interventions to enhance the use of ICTs amongst NGOs in Southern Africa:

NGO Pulse: The South African NGO and Development Information Portal - launched on 24 October 2005, this portal provides a gateway to the South African NGO sector and a media platform for development news, commentary and debate. As the most prominent NGO website in South Africa, it promotes communication and networking in the NGO and broader civil society sector by providing a unique snapshot of the sector’s daily activities and outputs. NGO Pulse also supports the process of repositioning and strengthening the sector in response to the development challenges facing South Africa.

By the end of October 2013, more than 4.3 million people have visited more than 25.1 million pages on NGO Pulse. Furthermore, NGO Pulse has more than 16 000 registered users (people with the ability upload and publish information on the portal), while more than 60 000 people are subscribed to the weekly NGO Pulse e-newsletter (

Prodder NGO and Development Directory - a key component of the NGO Pulse portal is Prodder, the most comprehensive online directory of NGOs and development organisations in South Africa. It includes information about organisations and institutions involved in development in South Africa and raises awareness about their work. It provides a reference point for donors and other stakeholders that want to engage with the NGO sector, and maps the scope and scale of NGO activities in the country. (

SANGOTeCH - this online technology donation portal, launched in December 2006, assists NGOs by providing software and hardware for very low or discounted fees in conjunction with ICT donor partners, as well as by supporting NGOs to maximise their ICT purchases and infrastructure. Since inception, this initiative has resulted in savings of more than R120 million for the NGO sector in South Africa (

SANGONeT has already expanded SANGOTeCH to Botswana and Kenya, with the aim of covering the whole Southern African region by 2013.

NGO Pulse Premium Advertising Service - this is SANGONeT’s newest offering to the NGO sector and anyone interested in communicating with NGOs in South Africa. It integrates all SANGONeT's advertising and communication channels into a single suite of services. Users have the option of 'buying' space on the NGO Pulse homepage for a specified period of time, linked to SN Announce, and the use of SANGONeT’s social media channels, i.e. Twitter and Facebook.

Thetha: The SANGONeT ICT Discussion Forum - launched in March 2003, Thetha forums provide NGOs with the opportunity to discuss ICT issues of common concern at both provincial and national levels. SANGONeT has already organised more than 20 Thetha forums in South Africa. In 2006 the Thetha initiative was expanded to five Southern African countries, with another five countries added in 2008 (

SANGONeT 'ICTs for Civil Society' Conference and Exhibition - this annual event, first held in March 2005, is the premier technology event on the NGO calendar and presents NGOs with an important opportunity to reflect on the challenges and opportunities presented by ICTs in support of their work. The most recent event was held from 1-3 November 2011 in Johannesburg (

The State of ICTs in the South African NGO Sector - this bi-annual research project, first implemented in 2007, aims to analyse the South African NGO sector’s application and awareness of ICTs in support of achieving its strategic objectives. The outcomes of the project will inform and guide the development of SANGONeT’s future ICT products and services for the NGO sector, and assist NGOs, funders and other strategic stakeholders in understanding the role and relevance of ICTs in support of the sector (

South African NGO Web Awards - first held in 2006, this annual competition is run in conjunction with the SANGONeT Conference and aims to raise awareness among NGOs about the benefits of having a web presence, stimulate interest in the application of web solutions and applications, and showcase best practices in website creation and maintenance.

All SANGONeT’s activities are geared towards optimising resources and outputs, and increasing its impact on ICT uptake in the Southern African NGO sector.