The SANGONeT Story 1987-2007

From two floppy disks smuggled into South Africa in the late 1980s, to an NGO which continues to play a major role in responding to the ICT requirements of the NGO sector in South Africa, this is the unique story of SANGONeT.

Established in 1987 as Worknet, transformed into SANGONeT in 1993, and celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2007, the history of the organisation is closely linked to the social and political changes experienced by South Africa during the past twenty years.

From an initial trade union orientation in the 1980s, to a wider civil society role since the 1990s, SANGONeT has always been in the forefront of introducing ICT initiatives in response to civil society requirements and national development priorities.

Since inception SANGONeT has viewed ICTs as valuable tools that can build the capacity of NGOs and other development agencies, as well as the communities that they serve. SANGONeT’s work is customised to support both those who are exploring the possibility of using ICTs and those who already have ICTs in place, but are not using them to their full potential.

SANGONeT has overcome many challenges and experienced many changes over the past twenty years, but has remained true to its mission and vision of strengthening the capacity of NGOs in finding long-term and sustainable solutions to the development problems facing South Africa and the wider Southern African region.

It is a very unique organisation and is one of very few NGOs in Africa involved in ICT for development issues.

We have published a tribute to everyone that has contributed to SANGONeT’s achievements over the past twenty years. Written by Alan Finlay, the SANGONeT story is told through the recollections and reflections of people who have been instrumental in the establishment, growth and governance of the organisation since inception.

Everyone associated with SANGONeT, both past and present, should be very proud of the historical and ongoing achievements of the organisation, and our contribution to the development and transformation of our country.

Read the SANGONeT Story 1987-2007: 20 years of linking civil society through ICT.