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There is trouble brewing. And if countries across the world don’t increase taxes, restrict advertising and regulate the age of buyers as well as the times when and places where people can buy alcohol, they will continue suffering a bitter population-threatening hangover from the consequences of harmful alcohol use.

This is according to a new report by global health and development organisations titled Trouble Brewing: Making the Case for Alcohol Policy, which asserts that unless alcohol policy is given more attention, the harmful use of alcohol and its consequences will grow.

Zim economic crisis

11 October 2018

A showdown is looming in Zimbabwe on Thursday as labour unions have vowed to go ahead with planned protests against the country’s continued economic crisis. This is despite a police ban on account of fears of a fresh cholera outbreak.

Zimbabwe’s largest trade union, the Zimbabwe Congress Trade Union (ZCTU) called for national protests on Thursday as the country’s economic crisis worsened, AFP reported.

The ZCTU said the strike was triggered by sharp price hikes, a new tax on electronic transactions and daily shortages ranging from fuel to drugs.

Invest in children's health and education to spur economic growth

11 October 2018

Governments should invest in healthcare and education for children in order to boost economic growth, the World Bank urged on Thursday.

More than half of all children born this year will lose half of their potential lifetime earnings due to poverty, poor health and a lack of education, according to the World Bank's Human Capital Index.

The global institution defined human capital as a person's knowledge, wellbeing and skills accumulated over a lifetime.

#MeToo Campaign

The #MeToo campaign has given mostly Western women confidence to speak up about violence at the hands of men, but in Africa women say stigma and victim-blaming still keep many silent.

Fiercely patriarchal societies and religious and traditional views on the role of women means even complaining about domestic violence is an uphill battle, let alone bringing down abusive men in power, activists say.

#DesertRun4NMCH – Using Sport to Give Back

Many South Africans are using their participation in sporting activities from running marathons to climbing mountains to raise awareness and funds for social causes and to make a difference in society. Supported by the reach and popularity of social media as well as crowdfunding platforms, these initiatives have the increased potential to influence meaningful change.

French MPs adopt 'fake news' bill

10 October 2018

French lawmakers on Wednesday adopted two bills to prevent the spread of false information during election campaigns following allegations of Russian meddling in the 2017 presidential vote.

The “fake news” bills enable a candidate or political party to seek a court injunction preventing the publication of “false information” during the three months leading up to a national election.

Kids in search for a better life

11 October 2018

The eight teenagers walking towards the bright-green house, called Casa da Acolhida, look like any other group of young people. But they’re not.

Carrying their possessions in torn plastic bags, they are making their way from a police station 200m away. They had been interrogated there after being caught trying to cross the border into South Africa unaccompanied by an adult and without the necessary documentation.

Police in the town of Ressano Garcia routinely catch unaccompanied minors attempting to cross into South Africa. 

SADC on protecting wildlife

1 October  2018

There are few easy wins when it comes to regional relations in Southern Africa. But on wildlife conservation, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is taking an international lead.

Africa has an often-overlooked history on innovative regional integration, including on conservation.

The Southern African Customs Union is the world’s oldest customs union, and in the past century nearly two-thirds of all international water agreements have been signed in Africa.


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