WSSF Award: For women in rural empowerment

Soul Beat Newsletter, 13 October 2004

Deadline: 1 March 2005

Awarded by the Women's World Summit Foundation (WWSF) - an international NGO for the empowerment of women and children - the Prize (US$500 each) honours creative and courageous women and women's groups around the world for their contributions to improving the quality of life in rural communities.

Who can apply?

  • Nominees should be women, or groups of women, currently active in rural life whose efforts have not yet been acknowledged by other awards. They may not nominate themselves.
  • The nominating organisation or individual must have direct experience of the nominee's work. The nominator may not nominate a family member, be a member of the nominated organisation, nor can an organisation nominate its senior officer (i.e. founder, president etc.). No more than 3 nominees may be presented by the same person/organisation in a given year. The nominator commits to organising an award ceremony if its nominee is selected and to invite the media.

The Prize is an award for successful accomplishments rather than a fund for future projects. The nominee's history (2-3 pages) should demonstrate the creativity, courage and sometimes sacrifice of the nominee in her efforts at the grass roots level to improve life in rural communities. Descriptions should be as specific as possible.

The following elements apply;

  • Exceptional courage and perseverance in improving rural life;
  • Creativity in the approach;
  • Preservation of and respect for the environment; and
  • Continuing impact on the community.

For nomination form . For more information contact or visit WWSF .

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