Skweyiya concerned about new Lotto Plus

Sunday Independent, 9 November 2003

Sunday Independent reports that the introduction of Lotto Plus has drawn criticism from the Department of Social Development. Skweyiya's spokesperson, Mbulelo Musi, said that the Department is concerned that poverty striken communities are being lured into spending more and more money on Lotto in the hope of the big win, when in reality, they are thrown even deeper into poverty.Lotto revenue has increased from some R90mn in 1999/2000 to about R3.8bn in 2002/2003.Musi said the introduction of more Lotto draws is inappropriate "in a community where there is 80 per cent unemployment, which relies on grants, which is devastated by HIV". He went on to call for an aggresive public education campaign to sensitise people to the downsides of spending money on Lotto and for closer cooperation between the Department of Trade and Industry, the Lotteries Board and the Department of Social Development to strike a balance between "social and economic imperatives".

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