SAHRC Criticises FBJ for Excluding White Journalists

The Citizen, 9 April 2008. 

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has ruled that the Forum of Black Journalist's (FBJ) policy of limiting the membership on the basis of race is unconstitutional.

SAHRC Chairperson, Jody Kollapen, notes that the FBJ's argument to exclude white journalists does not pass the scrutiny of the constitution. 

In the same vein, FBJ Chairperson, Abbey Makoe, notes that, "They (SAHRC) are burning us after leading us into a judicial ambush." Makoe argues that the SAHRC has FBJ guilty of being black and they have criminalised black people.

To read the article titled, "Barring journalists from FBJ unconstitutional: SAHRC," click here.

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