SA Leads Neighbours on Absentee Teachers

Absenteeism in SA is twice as high as that of neighbouring countries and three times higher than Mozambique’s, says researcher

University of Stellenbosch researcher, Nick Spaull, says teacher absenteeism in South Africa is twice as high as that of Namibia and Botswana, and three times higher than Mozambique’s.

In a policy brief this week, Spaull, points out that this chronic absenteeism is partly to blame for South African children’s poor performance in subjects such as mathematics and literacy compared to their mostly poorer neighbours.

He based his conclusions on an analysis of data collected in a large comparative study – which tested and monitored Grade 6 performance in maths and literacy - in the region by the Southern and East African Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality.

To read the article titled, “SA outdoes poor neighbours on absentee teachers,” click here.

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