Role of Civil Society Highlighted

The recent developments around the controversial crime intelligence head, Richard Mdluli highlights the growing role of civil society activists, says an editorial

According to an editorial on the Mail&Guardian, the deepening crisis surrounding the reinstatement of crime intelligence head, Richard Mdluli, and the withdrawal of the murder and corruption charges against him has one positive dimension - it highlights the growing role of civil society activists in shaping South Africa’s governance agenda.

The latest development follows this month's move in which civil society group, Freedom Under Law, intervened in the Mdluli issue by lodging an urgent high court application for him to be suspended pending a full judicial review of the decisions leading to his reinstatement in March this year.

The group’s court papers include a report by the chief investigator into the Mdluli affair that sheds lurid light on rampant interference in the case by police high-ups and politicians, who intended to have serious charges against him withdrawn.

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