Religious Leaders Urged to Promote LGBTI Rights

Religious and traditional leaders urged to play a role in preventing homophobic crimes

Gender-based violence independent researcher, Lisa Vetten, says religious and traditional leaders have a major role to play in preventing homophobic crimes.

Reacting to the killing of 26-year old Duduzile Zozo in Thokoza, Vetten says although South Africa is a leader in recognising the rights of gays and lesbians, in practice those rights only exist on paper.

She explains: "Our religious leaders have a special responsibility. I think because they are picky, intolerant and unaccepting. They are paying a part into people not accepting lesbians, gay and transgender individuals. So, I would like to see them taking a leadership role and examining the intolerance."

To read the article titled, “Religious leaders urged to protect gay rights,” click here.


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