NGO Condemns Girls Self-Boarding System

A Malawian NGO condemns the current girls self-boarding system

Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement (AYISE), a Malawian non-governmental organisation, has condemned the current girls self-boarding system taking place in many community day secondary schools in the country, saying the challenges they face as self-boarders negatively affect their learning ability.

AYISE’s project manager for Mulanje, Christopher Misuku, points out  that the survey had revealed that the current girls' self-boarding system does not properly support the girls in their education due to lack of support and supervision from both education authorities and communities.

Misuku states that most of the girls under self-boarding education face a lot of economic, security, health and social burdens that negatively affect their learning and most of them do not do well in their education.

To read the article titled, “AYISE condemns the girls self-boarding system,” click here.

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