News: Specialised Unit to Service NPOs and PBOs

Sunday Times (Business), 17 October 2004

BoE Private Clients has set up a specialised unit named "BoE triplebottom Services" to service Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) and Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs). Even though BoE Private Clients already have a good track record of managing NPO funds such as The Mandela Rhodes Foundation, they recognised the need for a specialised service to the NPO and PBO sector.

Ms Sizile Mabaso, the new head of the unit explains the rationale behind the service, "Transformation is key in South Africa and it is vital that corporate South Africa respects that and adjusts their products and services accordingly. We at BoE Private Clients are committed to the empowerment and the strengthening of civil society." She added,"the continued existence of NPOs and PBOs and the invaluable contribution they are making in our society, depends on their continued financial sustainability." Ms Mabaso sees the unit becoming the leading financial advisor for the NPO sector providing customised services for both NPOs and PBOs.

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NGO Services