Neotel Launches NeoFlex Data

Neotel launches its first dedicated broadband offering

Neotel, South Africa's second network operator, has launched its first dedicated broadband offering, NeoFlex Data.

The product, styled as a "multi-user Internet solution", is aimed at small office and home users and expected to compete with Telkom's ADSL.

Head of Neotel's consumer business unit, Mukul Sharma says, "These packages are extremely cost effective and should easily cater for the internet requirements of small businesses and high-end consumers.

"If customers reach their data cap, our out-of-bundle rates are charged at a nominal fee of 8c per megabyte. With the 24-month contract you are getting the best of both worlds, as you have the benefit of being able to pay off your device over the 24 months with no upfront payment required," says Sharma. 

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