Mbeki Blames ANC’s Economic Policies

Mbeki criticises the African National Congress over South Africa’s economic policies

Political economist, Moeletsi Mbeki, has warned that the African National Congress (ANC) is driving economic policies that would lead to more poverty.

Speaking at the University of the Witwatersrand seminar on the ANC’s policy documents, to be discussed at its policy conference next month, Mbeki said that instead of a productive class, the party is creating an administrative class, made up mainly of the black elite, which is part of a household-consumption-dependent economy.

Mbeki, who also said that public servants are drawing huge salaries, argues that this means that resources are not going to a productive sector of the economy. "The ANC government is about consumption, not production. Production is secondary to them," he explained.

To read the article titled, “ANC policies will increase poverty, says Mbeki,” click here.

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