Important Workshop for SA NGOs

COACH to host an important workshop for the South African nonprofit organisations

The Coalition of Anglican Children’s Homes (COACH) is hosting an important workshop for South African nonprofit organisations (NPO) from 3-5 July 2012 in Johannesburg.

Hosted under the theme ‘Survival, Strategy, and Sustainability: South African NPOs in 2012’, the workshop will feature sessions by many of South Africa’s leading exponents and practitioners of advocacy, fundraising, governance, and digital technology.

COACH executive director and also chairperson of the Gauteng Welfare Social Services Development Forum, Maya Keel, points out that the workshop will address many of the key issues facing organisations in the NPO sector in SA today, adding that, “Speakers will be identifying key steps that can be taken to enhance advocacy, fundraising, use of digital technology, and governance in these tough times”.

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