Call for Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS

Gauteng Department of Health rolls out a radical campaign to influence people’s behaviour and attitude around diseases

Gauteng Department of Health has rolled out a radical campaign themed ‘Prevent, Avoid, Stop, Overcome and Protect’ (PASOP) to influence people’s behaviour and attitude around diseases.

The campaign forms part of the government's concerted effort to strengthen the awareness on HIV/AIDS and TB.

PASOP forms the integral part of the on-going implementation of the Gauteng Strategic Plan on the fight against HIV/AIDS and TB, and according to Gauteng Health MEC, Qedani Mahlangu, “This is a call to action and it has been underpinned by our past experiences and relentless efforts of our people to win the fight against HIV/Aids and TB. It draws on current research, operational reports and lessons learnt from civil society.”

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