Banda Urged to Appoint ‘Lean’ Cabinet on Merit

CSOs urge Banda to appoint a ‘lean’ cabinet based on merit and not partisan politics

Representatives of the Malawi civil society say they are expecting the President Joyce Banda, to appoint a lean and clean cabinet based on merit and not partisan politics.

Speaking at a news briefing on the current political transition in that country, they urged Banda to ensure that the cabinet size is within the means, economically and that it is broad-based and representative of the aspirations of Malawi with the current economic, political governance crisis.

In the same vein, they have since asked the new Inspector General of Police, Loti Dzonzi, who they describe as a long serving officer and an accomplished professional, to ‘correct’ the image of the Malawi Police Services that serves the general populous as per the mandate of the country’s constitution.

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