Activists Slam Zuma’s Comments About Women

President Jacob Zuma raises the ire of gender activists over comments he made on SABC3’s People of the South

Gender Links has lashed out at President Jacob Zuma for saying it is not good for women to be single, the Mail&Guardian website reported on Wednesday.

Gender Links CEO, Colleen Lowe Morna, points out that, "It's unfortunate that these comments get made during women's month."

Speaking about his daughter, Duduzile’s marriage on SABC3’s People of the South, Zuma was quoted as saying that:

"I was also happy because I wouldn't want to stay with daughters who are not getting married, because that in itself is a problem in society. I know that people today think being single is nice. It's actually not right. That's a distortion. You've got to have kids. Kids are important to a woman because they actually give an extra training to a woman, to be a mother.”

To read the article titled, “Zuma's view on women criticised,” click here.

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