500 000 Need RDP Houses

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 14:49
More than 500 000 people registered for housing in Gauteng are still waiting for their homes to be built


waiting for RDP house

hi please assist us with the RDP house my husband applied for it from 2005 till now we are still waiting but people who applied after him are having houses at bekkersdal his I'd no 7609125765082 we are having three childrens plz contact 0782544430 if you have found something.

waiting for RDP

Since I registered for rdp in 1996 I had C form but nothing comes up! I'm just wondering how come those who have registered after me got houses,why the gorv don't gave houses to those who registered in ages and last with the new ones ....PLZ MY GORV MAY U PLS RECHECK 1996 APPLICATION AND GIVE THEM HOUSE ....We are south african voting for u but we don't get houses , those who frm outside they don't vote but they have houses ,PLZ GIVE MY RDP I'M DESPERATE...#0746174343.....nokuthula21@cellc.blackberry.com

waiting for RDP HOUSE

Since registered for my rdp house in 1996 but nothing comes up ! I'm just wondering how come those who registered afta me got houses ,is our goverment checking their database , how cn we vote for them if we dont have shelters in our head, I think I waited enough I'm in Soweto , I had C .FORM# 0746174343 / nokuthula21@cellc.blackberry.com

still waiting for RDP house in 2002

Hi I'm Constance please assist me it's been a long now waiting for the RDP I'm the single mother of three and a grand daughter we living in a outside room please please assist

Registered in 1996 still waiting for Rdp house

My mother registered in 1996 still waiting for her Rdp house, which she was going to their meetings and was supposed to get it at Tshepisong side(roodepoort). What must we do since we still have a CD FORM? Please help us.

still waiting from 1996 to date

Please assit my mother , she registered in 1996 and still waiting . 0793498407/0713710273

Registered for RDP in 1996

Hi , my mother registered for a house in 1996 and she is still waiting. What can she do to get her house as she still need it

long waiting for RDP

Long waiting for RDP house and I always vote for our gornerment. Please Nomvula help me, I'm the mother of 2. My no 083 275 8152 Mmathole. I.D.720402 0764 081.

Growing old

I am also still wainting for the rdp house,and the problem is that now my mother is also waiting,she registered in 1996 and still waiting...this tells me that i will get my house when i am 90 years old and what will be the point of getting a house at that age...this makes me feel like a foreign in my own country because my foreign friends own their houses but me i still stay with my grandparents and uncles and cousins its just a caos in that house and i am expected to vote.......NEVER

dear 1998 its being long you

dear 1998 its being long you need to go to your local municipality and apply for subsidy...things wont come to u..u need to wake up.
Gauteng MEC for Local Government and Housing, Kgaogelo Lekgoro, says more than 500 000 people registered for housing in Gauteng are still waiting for their homes to be built.

"Having delivered 650 000 housing opportunities in the last 15 years which gave shelter to an estimated 1.5 million people, we are still faced with more than 500 000 people registered as waiting for houses on our demand database," says Lekgoro.

Lekgoro, who was reporting back on his first 100 days in office, said housing shortages continued because people tended to migrate to Gauteng from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

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