Namibian NGOs in Need of Donor Funding

Majority of Namibian NGOs struggle to remain afloat as donor funds dry up.

According to Lahja Nashuuta, ever since the World Bank elevated Namibia to the upper middle income country status, majority of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country have been struggling to remain afloat as donor funds dry up.

Nashuuta states that since the reclassification of Namibia from the lower-income country to upper–middle income country in July 2009, donors have redirected their funding to country that are classified as more poorer than Namibia, leaving local NGOs in financial squeeze.

Namibia has lively non-governmental sector with about 95 organisations registered under the umbrella Namibian Non-Governmental Organisations Forum, with focus of wide areas of health, social and developmental issues. These NGOs are heavy depending on external donor funding for service delivery.

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