More South Africans Tempted by Bribes

Survey shows more South Africans tempted by bribes

The number of South Africans being asked for a bribe has increased in the past year, the 2017 South African Citizens’ Bribery Survey revealed on Wednesday.

Conducted by the Ethics Institute, the survey found that 37% of respondents know someone who was has been asked for a bribe in the past year, up 4% from 2016.

The average bribe amount was R1 550, down by R650 from last year, while the average bribe amount for a tender was R82 282, the survey showed.

The top five most common types of bribes are to avoid traffic offences (39%); to obtain a driver’s licence (18%); to secure a job (14%); to receive a public service (8%); and to avoid police or criminal charges (7%), the survey found.

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