Increase in Terrorism Activity in Africa

High rates of youth unemployment and a lack of formal basic education could be a possible link to growing terrorism on the African continent‚ a new report has found.

The report‚ titled “Africa at a tipping point” by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and released ahead of its 2017 Ibrahim Forum‚ now in its tenth year‚ has revealed that terrorist activity in Africa has grown by 1‚000% in the past 10 years.

The lack of economic opportunity mixed with democratic fatigue and political disenfranchisement may become a “toxic brew”‚ the report’s introduction reads.

The report contains statistics of unemployment compiled from various reports‚ showing that Swaziland‚ South Africa and countries such as Libya and Gambia have close to 50% youth unemployment rates compared to the total labour force.

To read the article titled, "1‚000% increase in terrorism activity in Africa since 2006" click here.


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