Community Investment
"Sometimes you have a great obvious resource, sometimes it is your location, the roads, and railways." There will always be competition for investment, so communities know which assets they have and use it to create a competitive advantage.
Tech for NGOs
"The findings from the 2018 report confirm that NGOs worldwide are rapidly expanding their use of technology and with increased reliance on technology, comes increased data management and security needs," says Heather Mansfield, founder of Non-profit Tech for Good.
Minister of Finance
“Mboweni possesses the necessary integrity, skills set and experience which can generate confidence in the markets, among investors and generally in the business community,” said Raymond Parsons, a professor at the North West University’s School of Business and Governance.
World Alcohol Policy
“Alcohol is a toxic, psychoactive, carcinogenic substance that can damage the health of individuals and communities. As one of the foremost underlying causes of premature death, disease, injury, disability and violence, the harmful use of alcohol is an obstacle to human development across the world”