Technological Approaches
The NGOs also use social media and fundraising tools for security and data management. Africa’s NGOs reported better usage of websites. The report indicated that 74% of NGO from Africa own websites and 87% of these websites are mobile compatible. 
Global Trends in Giving Report
32% of donors in Africa prefer to give cash which is the highest of any region. Charitable organizations in Africa have limited access to traditional online fundraising technology, however, as the sector evolves over the next decade, much of that cash giving will likely transition to online and mobile giving.
Through the exposure WIT has given to NGOs like TechnoGirl, Social Coding, and GirlCode, more and more of our members are getting involved in these initiatives and making impactful changes to the demographics in the technology industry in SA.
The Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment
The court ruling has set a precedent: the departments tasked with protecting the environment have to do due diligence. They have to do more than tick boxes when it comes to looking after the environment. Importantly, the minerals department now has to do the work entrusted to it in the 2014 agreement to give it most oversight over the environmental aspects of mining.