Blockchain’s ability to remove the need for entrenched third-party intermediaries has huge disruptive potential. By replacing the traditional trusted intermediary with a new type of entity – a peer-to-peer distributed network – DLT (blockchain) is poised to revolutionize a number of industries, from finance, to legal, to insurance.
"The operations centre will be 90% of the IT, the other people involved will have cellphones and it will all run on a cloud-based solution which will be IFS EOI. We also anticipate building quite a number of custom apps to do the logistics, markets, orders and possibly payments as well," Van Deventer added.
ICT Skills
South Africa’s unemployment rate is 27.5%, accounting for 6.21 million people; the unemployment rate among young people (aged 15-34 years) is a very worrying 38.2%. Not surprisingly, many youth are despondent and discouraged by the lack of opportunities available to them to acquire skills through education and training.  It’s this gap that the Datatec Foundation intends to fill, supporting programmes that can help upskill the youth and enable them to gain the necessary skills to become economically active through employment and entrepreneurship.
Without sufficient income, their much-needed services cannot be delivered. In focus group discussions among NPOs, and in general discourse, we have seen confirmations of decreased international funding and more competition for limited funds. While some NPOs are nimble and innovative in addressing funding challenges, many more organisations are under-resourced and highly dependent on single sources of funding support.