It's time to face the reality of the world in which we live, where almost any service we use runs on our personal data. Your personal data has been compromised. You might not be aware of it. It may not even impact your life that much, but somewhere out there are organisations that know things about you that they shouldn't.
When it comes to the public healthcare sector, it is true that the clinics and hospitals are stretched to the limit. But this is not because of immigrants; the crisis in the healthcare sector is due to years of mismanagement, understaffing, poor planning and corruption. The failure to deliver basic services and quality care to millions of South Africans who cannot buy private healthcare is why Motsoaledi is blaming powerless and voiceless foreigners.
The portal, which targets unemployed youth and job-seekers throughout SA, is now open to the public after running a pilot test for the last few months. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help bridge the gap between employers and job-seekers, cutting out the time-consuming admin synonymous with the search for the right person for the job.
Worldwide, more than 2 million people die every year from diarrhoeal diseases. Poor hygiene and unsafe water are responsible for nearly 90 per cent of these deaths and mostly affect children. The economic impact of not investing in water and sanitation costs 4.3 per cent of sub-Saharan African GDP. The World Bank estimates that 6.4 per cent of India’s GDP is lost due to adverse economic impacts and costs of inadequate sanitation.