Day 4

The Final Day

Wednesday started with great feedback from the Rapporteurs. Each of them picked up on key threads emerging from the parallel thematic tracks of the event and clearly what they highlighted resonated with the general feelings of the participants, with each Rapporteur receiving hearty applause as affirmation of their input. Therese opened the Rapporteur feedback session referring back to Andrew Hewett’s (Executive Director, Oxfam Australia) opening video address, pointing out a clear trend in the work of partner’s – that partners are, in Andrew’s opening words “practical visionaries”, people who Therese saw as holding on to “passion and vision that generates and drives what we do, but also being thorough, rigorous and practical in the way we do it”. Input from each Rapporteur was shared live using a live blogging process (please see the live blog page for the details). Comments from the floor were also shared by those able to blog ‘live’ during the process, and, we were very excited to see that we had a colleague participating in the live blog from Maputo, Mozambique and even got a comment on it from a colleague in Sri Lanka! This affirmed for us all, the power of using the ‘new’ technologies we had been learning about during the Intersections event. Questions and comments were engaging and many. In fact, so many that some were held over to be captured on video by our partner media team and our professional media team. These will be shared on this site soon. The formal proceedings closed with an evaluation exercise with a difference. Four ‘video stations’ were set up showing participant captured clips of comments and feedback from a range of people who were at the event. These prompted participants to answer key evaluatory questions at each ‘video station’ that were then posted on ‘comment cards’. The Oxfam team will work with these comments and share the outcomes as soon as they have all been collated – so watch this space. Also, the Oxfam team will carry out a final evaluative process in about two weeks time – where participants will be asked to reflect on their impressions of the event once they are back in their ‘home’ contexts. The Oxfam team expressed their thanks to a range of role players who had worked very hard to make the event possible. A group photo, lunch, hugs, exchange of contact details, squeezing into shuttle busses and the big ‘pack up’ wound the event to its final close. Phew! Safe travels and again, Thanks!
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