Day 3

When is Welfare Development

The session on Welfare vs Development took the format of a Participatory Activity called Active listening, where one writes down the points that stand out during project presentations. Thereafter common thoughts are collected and grouped together.

I was particularly struck by the following cards in no particular order.

  • Development is when independance is achieved after the welfare is removed.
  • Lack of community ownership in development projects is welfare. They do not develop independance.
  • NPO's are scared of profits. We need to engage in business ideas.
  • Do we understand the structural unemployment in SA? What labour market are we training people for.
  • Immediate relief provides a foundation on which to build.
  • When planning community mobilisation requires planning of consequences.
  • Strategic partnerships are key for an organisation to meet relief and development challenges.
  • NGO belief that they should be non-profit making hampers innovation and their own development and community development.
  • Education by NGO's versus government education. Are we diverging or moving together.
  • How do we move home based care and support groups to more sustainable models.
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