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Oxfam Learning Event, Pietermaritzburg

Oxfam Australia Learning Event - Pietermaritzburg

Day One

Welcome Dinner and AMAZING entertainment - Ascot Convention Centre

Day Two

Busi Ndlovu - Welcome

"this occasion is about partners meeting to shape Oxfams picture and agenda"

Andrew Hewitt - ED Oxfam Aus - Video

"committed to effective working relationships with community based oganisations across the world.

What colour should I paint my nails today?

Okay, my daily challenge (well maybe not always daily) is what colour I should paint my nails.  Its real, its a challenge.... Marrakech Orange, Tahiti Cyan, Oxfam Green, or The New Black – Black?

Intersections is finding a friend

What brings a whole bunch of people, from civil society, to join together on a wet Sunday afternoon, for four days in Pietermaritzburg? Intersections 09. Intersect what?

So what do I expect on this the Oxfam Australia Learning Event for 2009. I am looking forward to discussions on subjects in the development arena, specifically about empowering women in business related development opportunities. It is also a great opportunity to network with other organisations, see what they are up to and how they are solving the issues that challenge them each day.

Expectations of the Intersections Workshop

Hi my name is Jacqui and I am part of media and documentation team.

I expect to come out of this workshop with useful information on networking, social networking skills, my blogging skills will be enhanced. As an advocacy officer I want to learn about cellphone advocacy tools. I also expect to have fun as part of the media and documentation tea. It will be great to learn from other oxfam partners experiences and the opportunity to network on a broader level. I wont miss the policy sessions for anything. 

Oxfam Australia organised Learning Event in South Africa

I am glad to be here in South Africa, the country of Madiba "Mandela" for the Oxfam Australia Learning event. The venue of the event is  very beautiful, very green,calm, the best choice for such an incredible event and all are in order to help the participants all along this event thanks to the hard working staff of the Oxfam Australi South African office.


I'm at the Oxfam partners conference, and I form part of the documenting team over the next three days of this intersection conference, here is what I expect form the upcoming interaction with other partners.

What this Intersections stuff about?

Okay, another gathering, another talk shop, whatever you want to call it! Now they come up with this name too – intersections. What is it all about? Hmmm… (oh, and did I mention, it is in Pietermaritzburg of all places – now I’m in a village with a name my spell check cant recognise! Okay, it’s a city).

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