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Interview with Kerry Farrance

Interview with Kerry Farrance, Oxfam Australia, Melbourne, Day 2 of Intersections

When is it Welfare and When is it Development: Is that the Question?

This morning (27/10/09) a group of around 25 participants debated the question of welfare and development. Using tools borrowered from Participatory Appraisal methodologies, we quickly agreed that welfare can be development, and that we need not apologise for providing short term relief, or for lobbying for welfare interventions such as grants.  Short term relief is vital for alleviating the ill effects of poverty and distress, while social security is a right of citizenship as well as a investment in the future.  Welfare is development, and development involves the prov

Community Service Forums: a True Voice of the people?

I attended a community service forum session at the Intersections Partner Conference on Monday.

Nkwame Cedile facilitated the session.

Networks for support, Networks for growth

Denis Hunt of the AIDS Consortium facilited a session on networking: The session was  for shairing best practices and to brainstorm deas for improving networking. The session was also to maximize and strengthen links as civil society for maximum impact as well to sustain the work of civil society.

The day that was (day 1)

The Day that Was – Day 1
Wow, what a day! Monday was about so much… incredible conversations, packed meetings, lots of smiles, a few frowns and even maybe a few tears.
The opening was great – we are reminded to think, to question, to know that what happens at a macro level is often planned, although we may not know the rationale for the plan.  

Who are these men we are talking about?

That was the question that constantly reverberated through the room as we discussed, "If men are in, who are out". A very active session, where clearly people had very strong views on men and their role in society, their power, their abuse thereof, their culture and how they percieve themselves. The dialogue focused session touched on numerous issues, which I do not propose to report on, but rather give my thoughts as they were shaped through the session.

Participation: The main ingredient for good development

An interesting discussion we had around participation as a key ingriedient for good development, was that while we all see the significance of it to ensure sustainability of the intervention, we all find it difficult. It is time and resource intensive and to add to the load, we are often bound by funders. Funders are very specific in the programmes they are wanting to support and are also demanding of result and impact in the very near future. It was acknowledged that funders have to answer to back donors as well and at times their hands are also tied.

Justice and Women using blogs for reflection space

We are learning about blogging and for us at JAW thinking about how we could use this for M+E and also to capture and have conversations with each other about our work. We feel like we don't always have time to connect and reflect together, so maybe blogging will help create a space where we can share our learnings, insights, frustrations. 

An itch (in an uncomfortable place)

Last night when I finally got to my bedroom, I was itchy. In all sorts of places, some far less comfortable than others. Let me indulge myself and share my itchy spots (its okay, this blog isn’t illustrated so no need to close your eyes).

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