Looking to volunteer with an NGO or for fixed term contract



Are there any NGO's on this portal looking for a volunteer or for someone to carry out work on a fixed term contract? I would like to get involved.

My name is Elayne Fernandez and I have recently moved from Australia to South Africa, currently living in the Northern Cape until July 2010.

I have a strong interest in carrying out community development work. I previously worked in community relations and communications, which involved working closely with NGOs and local government in Western Australia in partnership funding, development and implementation for a remote community. I am also currently studying for a Master in International and Community Development. And have a bachelor's commerce degree in Marketing and Management.

If you think I may be able to add value to your organisation please respond. I can also be contacted on either +27 76 321 8637 or via email at efernandez81@hotmail.com. I am happy to pass on a CV with further information.

I will also consider travelling as required.

Look forward to hearing back.
Elayne Fernandez

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