Public Sector Indaba 2012

Amabhubesi, in partnership with the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI), is hosting  the Public Sector Indaba 2012 from 26-27 July 2012 in Johannesburg.

Governments around the world face a number of challenges in meeting the changing expectations and needs of their citizens. Responses to these challenges typically include setting up and delivering service delivery reforms, fiscal management, seeking to operate more effectively, efficiently and openly and developing new capabilities for civil society participation, partnership and resource management. Some countries in transition still need to redefine the role of the state in economic activity, while many others are working towards greater social inclusion in multi-ethnic societies. A further challenge relates to improving the interaction between local, regional and national levels of government in order to ensure greater responsiveness, efficiency, transparency and participation. Poor countries face major challenges of fiscal resources and revenue mobilisation, resource allocation to address poverty and achievement of the millennium development goals, public financial and expenditure management, civil society participation and the fight against corruption.

The Public Sector Indaba 2012 is a key opportunity for those responsible for ensuring governance excellence in their departments to come together with colleagues from across Africa and debate and resolve common concerns. This high-profile two-day event will address governance issues surrounding governance reform, whole-of-government trends, collaborative working arrangements and so much more

Who should attend

  • Heads of departments, directors, company secretaries, executives and senior officials of state-owned companies, as well as provincial and municipal entities;
  • Senior Officials in national, provincial and local government;
  • Trustees, sub-committee members and principal officers of pension funds, medical schemes and self-insurance funds for public-sector institutions;
  • Members of audit and advisory committees for public-sector institutions;
  • Risk and compliance managers/officers;
  • Internal audit managers/officers
  • External auditors, assurance providers and consultants to public-sector institutions (including their funds and schemes);
  • Industry regulators and other key stakeholders within the public sector;
  • Directors, executives and senior officials of NGOs funded by public-sector institutions.

On attending this conference delegates will access latest guidelines formulated to assist public sector organisations to both understand and fulfill their governance responsibilities. Key benefits include:

  • Learning about the role, structures and responsibilities of governing body (board, council, accounting authority, etc.) and management in implementing good governance principles;
  • Learning how to practice both qualitative and quantitative governance;
  • Practical insights into the relationship between governance, strategy and sustainability;
  • In-depth understanding of the Integrated Reporting framework (inclusive of strategic, business, financial and sustainability information);
  • Understanding infrastructure requirements and reporting implications of implementing good governance principles;
  • Learning about the inclusive approach to governance.


  • Rooks Moodley, Director, Eastern Cape NGO Coalition;
  • Aurobindo Ogra, Lecturer, Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of Johannesburg;
  • Kobie Brand, Regional Director, ICLEI - LOcal Government for Sustinability;
  • Cyril Francis, Acting Head of Department (Tourism), University of Pretoria;
  • Rhoda Kadalie, Executive Director, Impumelelo Social Innovation;
  • Itambo Malombe, Head of Department and Senior Research Scientist, Kenya Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge.

Registration: Jerome Meleki, Tel: 011 326 0353, Fax: 011 326 0354, E-mail:


Founded in 1987, the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) is a Section 21 Company and is the umbrella body of the conference and meetings industry of South Africa and is dedicated to maintaining and improving its levels of efficiency and professionalism.

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Event Start Date: 
Thursday, 26 July, 2012
Event End Date: 
Friday, 27 July, 2012
Event Venue: 
Montecasino Southern Sun, Johannesburg
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