Netsquared Jozi: The First Meet-Up

Thursday, May 28, 2009 - 18:10

The first Netsquared Jozi meetup will be held on 14 July 2009.

Netsquared Jozi will be held once every two months in Johannesburg. These gatherings provide a networking and collaboration opportunity for all those interested in the intersection of social technologies and social change, whether you are part of a non-profit organisation or a for-profit organisation, a funder or a consultant, a developer or an entrepreneur.

The first Jozi meet-up is focussing on mobile technology:

We've got a great sponsor in the form of Betavine Social Exchange; we'll be holding a workshop with them earlier in the day - click here for details.


17h30: Snacks with Betavine Social Exchange
18h00: Introductions & What is Netsquared all about
             Matthew de Gale: SANGOTeCH
             Rob Allen: SF Ngobeni & Associates
18h20:  Introducing the Betavine Social Exchange
              Stephen Wolak, Betavine
18h30: Presentations
              Praekelt Foundation: Marcha Neethling

             The Hand that Holds the Phone - the "H"-factor when designing programes using mobile technology

              WomensNet: Lebo Marishane

               "Keep your chats exactly that!"

19h10: Briefs (5 minutes each)
19h40: Drinks & Networking

Interested? Please sign up here to receive updates and to RSVP for the meetup.

For general information about Netsquared, refer to

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Civic Theatre Johannesburg (Penthouse)<br /> Loveday Street<br /> Braamfontein, South Africa
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