Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organisations: How to Make Sense of Partners’ Audited Accounts

Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organisations

The Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organisations (MANGO) is a United Kingdom-based NGO that helps aid agencies, NGOs and nonprofits to work more effectively.

MANGO is conducting a course on How to Make Sense of Partners’ Audited Accounts on 9 June 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.

A programme officer’s role often involves assessing their partners’ annual financial statements. The formal audited accounts should give insight to an organisation’s activities and purpose but are often incomprehensible pages, full of numbers and accounting jargon.

This course is designed to help NGO programme staff to read, analyse and make sense of the annual audited financial statements; and gain confidence to ask questions about the reports.

The course is designed for non-finance programme managers and project officers of international NGOs who work with implementing partners and whose role includes reviewing partners’ annual financial statements.
Course Content

The final balance of course content will be decided by those attending the course, according to their interests and training needs. See below for a Programme Guide.

The course includes a practical review of financial statements and covers:

  • The accounting basis for the reports
  • The balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, cashflow statement and accompanying notes to the accounts
  • Financial analysis techniques
  • The external audit report and auditor’s opinion
  • The Management Letter and how to use it.

Cost: £255

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Event Start Date: 
Saturday, 9 June, 2012
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Nairobi, Kenya
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