Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organisations: Grant Management Essentials - How to Keep Your Donors Happy

Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organisations (MANGO)

The Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organisations (MANGO) is a United Kingdom-based NGO that helps aid agencies, NGOs and nonprofits to work more effectively.
MANGO is conducting a two-day course on ‘Grant Management Essentials: How to Keep Your Donors Happy’ from 7-8 March 2012 in Harare, Zimbabwe.
This course aims to build the confidence and skills of NGO staff who are new to managing institutional donor grants, to meet donors’ financial terms & conditions when implementing programmes.

This course is specially designed for NGO staff who are new to grant management. It is suitable for those responsible for managing donor funds where programmes are implemented directly or through operational partners.

The course provides an introduction to the essentials of grant management and is not therefore suitable for experienced grant managers or those looking for detailed guidance on specific donor rules and regulations.

Course Content:

The final balance of course content will be decided by those attending the course, according to their interests and training needs.

The course includes:

  • Key challenges in grant management;
  • The grant management life cycle;
  • Responsibilities and routines in grant management;
  • The flow of donor funds;
  • Assessing the terms and conditions in grant agreements;
  • How grant agreements impact on accounting and procurement systems;
  • Complying with donor reporting requirements;
  • Managing multiple-donor funded projects;
  • Managing key relationships for successful grant management.

This course does not cover proposal writing, fundraising or specific donor requirements.

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Event Start Date: 
Wednesday, 7 March, 2012
Event End Date: 
Thursday, 8 March, 2012
Event Venue: 
Harare, Zimbabwe
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