Let's Re-imagine Our City Together

Monday, June 4, 2012 - 16:00
Development Action Group,

The Development Action Group, in collaboration with 25 Cape Town citizen groups, is hosting a public event entitled ‘Let's Re-imagine Our City Together’ on 9 June 2012 in Cape Town.

The public event intends to create a public platform for debate and dialogue on a pro-poor citywide agenda that proposes that our current urban trajectory be re-imagined through creative thinking and dialogue amongst citizens. This event is important for several reasons, but mostly because it offers citizens who share a pro-poor agenda an opportunity to join and get actively involved in the process of developing inclusive, sustainable and equitable solutions for our cities. In particular, those active citizens concerned about the growing number of gated communities, racially divided suburbs and our ever-increasing socio-economic divide are invited to this event.

This public event to be attended by citizens from across Cape Town also serves as a significant milestone for a coalition of citizen groups who have been working collaboratively for a number of months on a participatory citywide programme aimed at thinking about how to re-dress our spatially divided and socially fragmented city.

This participatory programme aims to demonstrate how working in partnership with citizens who share a pro-poor agenda can lead to creative and sustainable solutions that re-dress socio economic and spatial inequalities in our city. The programme has involved working with local citizen groups to build their knowledge and capacity on what is needed to shift current development practice to a practice that is underpinned by a more equitable partnership between citizen groups, the public and, private sector. Colleagues locally and internationally have acknowledged this programme to be a ‘critical and bold’ initiative with the potential to ‘significantly restructure Cape Town socially and spatially’.

The event will include short public addresses by active South African citizens who will have an opportunity to share their vision on how we can bring about social change and redress our spatially divided and socially fragmented city through active citizenry and solidarity.

Time: 11h00 - 14h00

Doors will open at 9h00, with the event scheduled to officially begin at 11h00.

Enquiries: Josette Cole, Tel: 021 448 7886, E-mail: josette@dag.org.za

For more about the Development Action Group, refer to www.dag.org.za.

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Good Hope Centre, Cape Town