Creating Great Budgets - An Introduction is an online initiative, working for the sustainability of NGOs by increasing their access to donors, resources, and skills. It uses technology to spread knowledge and increase capacity. is hosting a course on Creating Great Budgets: An Introduction on 30 May 2012.


Developing and managing budgets can be a challenging task for NGOs whenever they need to plan a project, write a proposal and implement an activity. Efficient financial management is essential for the growth of any organisation. Well-managed and transparent financial systems, enables donor agencies to gain confidence in your NGO and offer to support to it.

This webinar will provide a basic guide for NGOs so that they can improve their capacity in developing and managing budgets for their organisation and project and contribute towards an overall effective financial system.


The Basic Budgeting webinar will provide introductory information on the following topics:

  • What do donors want to see?
  • Donor budget formats;
  • Creating a templates; and
  • Creating inclusive budgets.


This introductory course is ideally suited to fundraisers who want to build their capacity through an understanding of basic budgeting for proposals for NGOs - executive directors/NGO managers who are responsible for donor relations, and, individuals who want to develop their professional skills and effectiveness.

Training Methodology

The course will be delivered through a webinar. A webinar is a web-based seminar where the training will be offered entirely through the internet. Registered participants will be get invitations to visit the webinar website, where they can attend the course program. Participants from any part of the world can attend it. Even if you miss attending the live webinar, there will always be an option for you to watch the recording webinar on your computer and access the related materials.

This webinar, or web-based seminar, training program gives you the information you need to fundraise for your NGO effectively in a convenient, inexpensive and yet interactive way.

The course will consist of a 60 minute presentation where you will see the slides and hear the trainer, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session during which your questions will be answered by the trainer in real time.

This course is supported by extensive additional materials for participants to use after the course, including access to the webinar presentation, webinar slides, and training materials. Registrants who have difficulty in attending the ‘live’ webinar can watch the recorded webinar at their convenience.

About the trainers

Sameer Zuhad, the founder and CEO of, leads the operations in India. Sameer is an accomplished writer and social researcher with extensive experience in the field of sustainable development. Having worked in India and Nepal with various grassroots-oriented community organisations drives his desire to work for sustainable civil society development. In starting, Sameer has digitally empowered thousands of NGOs at all levels in over 150 countries.

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Time: 12h00 – 13h00 GMT

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Cost: US$50 for candidates from the developing countries.

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Wednesday, 30 May, 2012
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