Feast of the Clowns

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 09:47
Tshwane Leadership Foundation

The Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF) is working with churches and communities for urban transformation. Growing from the work of Pretoria Community Ministries, the Tshwane Leadership Foundation was created in 2003 to strengthen the unfolding inner city movement of churches, communities and programmes with capacity, resource development, advocacy and policy work, communication and marketing, and spiritual nurture. It also wants to play an intermediary and / or supportive role to initiatives in other parts of the City of Tshwane.

The TLF, in partnership with the City of Tshwane and other stakeholders, is hosting Feast of the Clowns, from 6-11 August 2012 in Pretoria.

The Feast of the Clowns (FOC) is an inner-city community festival which was established in 2000. It was created to contribute to the inner-city regeneration, to celebrate the cultural and social diversity of the inner-city, to create a space for local artists to express themselves, and for awareness to be raised about issues of justice and social concern.

Happening annually in August, the event runs over a period of six days with the main event on the last day. It includes the March of the Clowns; a colourful street parade, three stages with live artists, fun sports and games for children and adults, a fashion show, art exhibitions, craft stalls for local traders and a food court.

During the week and prior to the festival there are road shows in different communities in and around the city, a film festival showcasing South African films, as well as a series of social justice and art workshops.

Through the arts, culture and celebration, organisers use the festival to highlight six on-going campaigns, i.e. Rebranding Homelessness, Counter Trafficking, Children’s Rights, Refugees and Xenophobia, HIV/AIDS and Greener Cities.

In 2010 during the FIFA Soccer World Cup the festival ran for four weeks, boasting a big screen for viewing soccer matches, as well as four mini-consultations on some of the campaigns mentioned above.

For the past few years more than 20 000 people participated in the Feast with Feast 2011 alone hosting around 10 000 participants. We also work closely with the City of Tshwane, local hotels, national funding agencies and other local community organisations.

For updates of the festival, refer to www.facebook.com/feastoftheclowns.

Follow the festival on twitter: @Feast_Clown

Enquiries: Tel: 012 320 2123

For more about the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, refer to www.tlf.org.za.

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Burgers Park. Cnr. Van Der Walt & Burgers Park Lane. Pretoria Central


non consultation

It is good when people talk about good things that they do for the community but i have a concern regarding the way one of your stakeholders was treated in the preparations of the Feast of the Clowns in 2012. I am basically referring to the Greater Tshwane Arts, Culture and Heritage Forum which provides cultural parades for the Feast and brings in Artists to entertain the attendees. it is very sad that you guys are discussing issues of performing artists without the representative organization for artists and art groups in the City of Tshwane.this in itself shows how your Demon crazy(DEMOCRACY) is being exercised by trampling on the rights of the same people you claim to be representing. please people, can you practise what you preach in terms of inclusiveness in your planning because what has happened in this regard is an abortion of the freedom that our fallen heroes fought for. thank you Afrika Peter ka Ngobeni Chairperson- GTACHF