Curriculum Development Project Trust: 2013 Naledi YaMeso Course

Curriculum Development Project Trust

The Curriculum Development Project Trust (CDP) was initiated in 1989 to design relevant, innovative and progressive teaching methodologies and curriculum for the creative arts in South Africa. The initiative drew upon the Khula Udweba (Draw as you grow – grow as you draw), course at FUNDA in Soweto in the 1980’s. The CDP aimed to address the lack of creative arts education and training, and the restrictive and ideologically skewed cultural practices imposed through apartheid’s Department of Education and Training (DET for black schooling).
The CDP Trust invites applications to participate in its 2013 Naledi YaMeso Community Leaders course, taking place from 6 March to 27 August 2013 in Johannesburg.
About the course:
Women learn to use creative art-making as self-expression and self-determination, to increase women’s participation in decision-making, to make their voices heard. Through the arts participants gain confidence, knowledge and skills to speak out; they claim and protect their rights, strengthen their roles as leaders, and to work towards becoming creators of public advocacy media around issues affecting their lives.
Background to the course:
The Naledi YaMeso course aims to teach women who work with women’s groups to engage directly in the creative arts as expressive vehicles for transformation.  Participants learn to use a range of visual media to explore, understand, and give testimony to their experiences of own gendered environment. They further learn to transfer these skills in the creative arts to women they work with; building healing and growth of their clients.
The CDP has consolidated the best practices from its women’s projects into the forthcoming Naledi YaMeso course, aimed at:

  • Capacitating women’s knowledge,
  • Skills and leadership roles,
  • Embracing personal narrative and creative growth,
  • Project design and transference,
  • Negotiating government systems,
  • Sexual rights, culture and prejudice, ‘
  • Reading media’, and an awareness of the power of public advocacy work and messaging; through the arts and their cultural forms, and
  • Fabric printing & making skills.

Key focus areas:

  • Project is underpinned by: Visual arts driven approaches to gaining knowledge of women’s rights/sexual rights, and interventions to directly respond to these; most especially Violence Against Women and the LGBTI, gender and power relationships, and tensions between policy and practice in state institutions;
  • Empowerment and self-realisation: experiencing the transformative power of the arts as visual narrative, of finding a voice, understanding and transcending a victim state of silence and fear to one of self-confident decision maker and leader;
  • Transference: finding ways to transfer these new skills, creative methodologies and forms of expression to women in their home organisations and communities;   Making their mark: critical reflection on media and messaging in reinforcing gender stereotypes and harmful practice, and making their own voices heard through the design and production of advocacy media;
  • Skills for income generating opportunities: skills training and knowledge of art making and small business management. 

As part of the course, participants will learn to transfer skills and knowledge acquired in the NYM course to women within their own organisations, organising and teaching at least 2 workshops for women from their organisations during the last quarter of the course.
We invite application from women who actively support other women in their organisations, communities, and in dedicated informal groups. These may be counsellors, auxiliary social workers, youth leaders, and women role models who play an acknowledged role in organising and supporting women at community level. Participants include women from South Africa and women from other African countries living in South Africa.
How to apply:
A Naledi YaMeso course applicant must be nominated to the course with a supporting motivation by her organisation or community structure. The applicant’s organisation/ community structure should confirm that the applicant works directly with women in the community and plays a leadership/training role.
Send a request for an application form that both the applicant and the organisation/community structure fills out and send back to the CDP Trust.  The CDP will assess applications and inform the applicant of the outcome by 26 February 2013.
Applications should be sent to:
The CDP Trust
PO Box 33744
Fax: 011 618 1429
Inquiries: Sindi Ndebele, Tel: 011 624 1025, Mobile: 084 541 6865 / 078 075 7114

Course sessions will run once a week, and twice a week where agreed by group (minimum 20 sessions).
20 participants per course
Only organisations/participants in Gauteng need to apply.
Time: 9h00 - 16h00
CDP will provide for transport stipend, refreshments and lunch each day.
For more about the Curriculum Development Project Trust, refer to

Event Start Date: 
Wednesday, 6 March, 2013
Event End Date: 
Tuesday, 27 August, 2013
Event Venue: 
CDP Trust Creative Art Centre in Bertrams, Johannesburg
Event Type: 

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