Community Development Resource Association: Advanced Facilitation

Community Development Resource Association: Advanced Facilitation

The Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) is a nonprofit that values people’s ability to organise, and so shape the world. CDRA fosters and promotes innovative organisational forms and practices that seek to transform power towards a just world characterised by freedom, inclusion and sufficiency.

The CDRA is conducting a five-day course on Advanced Facilitation from 11-15 June 2012 in Woodstock, Cape Town.
'...working in the moment'

The Advanced Facilitation course was born out of the idea of working with emergence as one of the most developmental responses in a complex world; and upon the request of many participants wanting to know more and to explore how one facilitates emergence.

This course is aimed at all practitioners, leaders, managers, facilitators, and developmental practitioners who want to enliven their practice and enhance their skills as facilitators so that they are better able to work intuitively and in the moment, and be able to solve complex problems. It is also for those who want to generate learning from within and improve existing programmes or courses so that they can become more rich and dynamic, participatory, indigenous, relevant and truly owned by groups and communities themselves.

The Advanced Facilitation course offers an opportunity to develop and deepen ones understanding of and practice of working with emergence (emergence being the working out of a developmental approach which sees individual and groups as already developing and thus we as facilitators are intervening at a point in its development) and will look at the role of the facilitator in facilitating ‘emergent unfolding processes’.

Course Content:

  • The role of facilitation in group organisational processes;
  • The context of development and social process – what is our struggle and why are we drawn to emergent approaches;
  • Theoretical perspectives to emergent thinking and concepts developed out of emergent social approaches;
  • The conditions for facilitating emergence in organisations;
  • Developing and co-creating effective meta-skills in working with an emergent approach;
  • Group theory, the role of groups, group leaders and the role of leadership in groups;
  • The emerging organisation – elements of emergent organisations;
  • Theories of change and how this relates to working with emergent change.

Methods and approaches:

  • Observation and reading organisations and social processes;
  • Making meaning, interpreting, analyses;
  • Synthesising;
  • Using questions to go deeper;
  • Using listening, conversation, dialogue, storytelling;
  • Working creatively through poetry, art, movement, eurhythmy, and clay work;
  • Personal development exercises;
  • Mini-facilitation practice sessions;
  • Facilitation tools and aids in working with emergence.

The application deadline is 8 June 2012.

Enquiries: Merlinda Abrams, E-mail: or Shelley Arendse, E-mail: or Desiree Paulsen, E-mail:

To request an application form, email Linda Njambatwa at or Merlinda at

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Event Start Date: 
Monday, 11 June, 2012
Event End Date: 
Friday, 15 June, 2012
Event Venue: 
Woodstock , Cape Town
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