CMDS: Durban - Key things an NPO should know about VAT


Registration 08h30
Workshop 09h00 - 13h30

This half-day workshop costs R1,500 per delegate (inclusive of VAT). Refreshments and workshop material will be provided.  

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CMDS, in collaboration with VAT expert Dee Bezuidenhout*, is delighted to offer a training workshop for all involved in the NPO Sector who want to know more about the potential benefits and the implications and responsibilities of being registered for VAT, including the issues around supporting documents, audits and disputes.

This half-day workshop will be particularly helpful to board members, directors and finance managers of NPO’s who need to know more about VAT and the way it affects their organisation.  We also recommend this workshop for the accountants and auditors of NPO’s – please pass on details of this event to them.
What will be covered:

The workshop will address, among many other matters:

  • Myth that some/all non-profit organisations are exempt from VAT!
  • Benefits and obligations of registering for VAT.
  • Difference between grants and payments for providing services.
  • Understanding what sponsorship is and what the VAT treatment should be.
  • Rules for dealing with payments and grants received from government.
  • VAT and international donor funding.
  • Special concessions for NPO’s.
  • Hints and tips on how to deal with SARS and their audits or any disputes.
  • Requirements for supporting documentation.

The workshop will enable you to know whether your organisation is:

  • Obliged by law to register for VAT (and, if so, when?).
  • Missing out on the benefits of registering voluntarily for VAT that include recovering the VAT that is currently being paid out.
  • Able to back claim input VAT paid prior to registration.
  • Doing things correctly once registered (do invoices to your clients meet the requirements; are you reclaiming VAT only when it is recoverable?).
  • Accounting correctly for VAT on sponsorship income.
  • Dealing properly with VAT in relation to government grants.
  • Accounting properly to SARS for VAT (are you completing the VAT 201 return accurately and reconciling the output VAT to your income statement?).
  • Prepared for the audit of documentation (refunds attract the attention of SARS so are the records that support your returns adequate?).

More about our facilitators:

*Paul Tyler BSc (Hons) FCA joined CMDS in 1997 after working as a Finance and Human Resources Director for Christian Aid, a major relief and development agency in the UK, for 8 years. Paul has therefore experienced financial management in the sector first-hand and has subsequently enjoyed getting to grips with South African legislation and practice. Paul enjoys opportunities to train and has lectured for the Gordon Institute of Business Science on the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Programme and for the University of Stellenbosch Business School's NPO Management Programme.
*Dee Bezuidenhout has been involved with VAT ever since it was introduced in South Africa in 1991.  She worked at SARS as a VAT auditor, law interpreter and VAT legislator.  She was VAT Manager at BDO in Johannesburg for 5 years where she started the VAT School and has presented many “VAT for NPO’s” workshops with CMDS.  She is now in private practice as a VAT Specialist.  A natural lecturer, Dee presents the popular VAT Masterclass in association with Fleet Street Publications and also drafts their VAT Guide. 

Event Start Date: 
Tuesday, 19 November, 2019
Event End Date: 
Tuesday, 19 November, 2019
Event Venue: 
Durban Fawncastle Guest House - Hillcrest
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