Creative writing and editing for corporate publications

Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ)

This highly practical course is a must for all professionals interested in writing for corporate publications. This includes everyone from directors to media liaison personnel in public and private sectors and civil society organisations.

Professionals writing for corporate publications and those who put together in-house newsletters, will be coached on how to write specifically for their niche markets, while also learning how to transform often dry in-house material into vibrant organisational tools.

Participants will be asked to bring their corporate newsletters and in-house publications to the workshop for analysis, and will be given assignments to work on during the course of the programme.

What you will gain from this course:

  • Develop a keen 'nose for news" within a corporate environment
  • Understand simple methods to brainstorm ideas
  • Find a story - even within the most technical or complex of issues
  • Understand effective research techniques
  • Have targeted interviewing skills
  • Understand the 'human' component
  • Have colour writing skills
  • Know how to create corporate profiles: the people behind the issues
  • Structure articles for maximum effect
  • Have key edit techniques
  • Understand the role of the copy editor and proofreader
  • Understand the target audience
  • Proofreading problem areas and tools and tricks for effective proofreading
  • Know how to cut and how to fill 
  • Know proofreading conventions and marks
  • Be able to formulate and work with a style guide
  • Get to grips with grammar problem areas

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Event Start Date: 
Monday, 9 July, 2018
Event End Date: 
Friday, 13 July, 2018
Event Venue: 
Richmond Forum, Ground Floor, 18 Cedar Avenue, Richmond, Johannesburg
Event Type: 
South Africa

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