The Art of Feature Writing

Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ)

You know how to find a good story and write it in a way that captures and commands the readers' attention; but do you know how to write a story that really stands out as the feature attraction in your publication? A story that really tells a story, with all the drama, action, pace and shading of a motion picture? A story with rhythm, pace, and flair, that lingers in the memory like a song?

The course features:

  • Fresh approaches to planning and visualising your story, using the language of movies and the discipline of songwriting as inspiration 
  • Useful tools and techniques for getting the most out of your interviews, and turning them into the threads of a compelling narrative 
  • Tips and advice on story architecture, the art of structure and storytelling, including writing outruns that are as compelling as your intros 
  • Pointers and guidance on ways to take your readers on a journey, keeping them guessing, leading them between the lines, and leaving them wanting to go back to the beginning and start all over again 
  • Advice on colouring your story with character, action, and dialogue, and exploring the effects of shifts in tense, tone, and pace 
  • Hints and how-to's on using all your senses to 'get inside' a story, and writing it in a way that appeals to all the senses

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Event Start Date: 
Tuesday, 17 July, 2018
Event End Date: 
Thursday, 19 July, 2018
Event Venue: 
Richmond Forum, Ground Floor, 18 Cedar Avenue, Richmond, Johannesburg
Event Type: 
South Africa

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