Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Course

Community Development Resource Association (CDRA)

The pressure that organisations face for external accountability from donors leave many of M&E specialists tasked with ticking the boxes and filling in the blanks with a sense of unease. The same questions tend to plague us. Does our M&E framework represent what our project is about? Are we bringing learning into practice adequately? Are our partners learning and growing with us? The blood, sweat and lessons learned from the work somehow get watered down when translating it into units of measure and activities. Apply here

The CDRA is conducting a course on Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Course: When just ticking boxes no longer makes sense in 2018

13 - 17 March, Cape Town
16 - 20 April, Johannesburg

The Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) is a civil society organisation, established in 1987, based in Cape Town, South Africa. The CDRA is a community of development practitioners working in numerous alliances and collaborations across Africa, Europe and Asia.
Who is this course for?

This five-day course is for you if you are keen to design M&E processes that foster learning. This course attracts a diverse group of practitioners in the public and NGO sector. You can be new to M&E or an old hand, willing to refresh your understanding of processes and politics around M&E. The course starts with exploring the value of PME&L as organisational learning process that lead to accountability and good practice. Participants will work with their PME&L framework and the Theory of Change for their programme and work with the Action Learning Cycle to improve the depth and quality of data capturing, sense making, reflection and learning processes.

The Course Approach

The course starts with exploring the value of PME&L as an organisational learning process that leads to for accountability and improved practice. Participants will work with their  PME&L framework and the Theory of Change for their programme.. Skills such as asking good questions, listening, reflective thinking and planning will be taught and practised by using the Action-Learning cycle. The Action-Learning cycle is a powerful tool which can be used to kindle dynamic and generative group discussions and learning. Participants will leave with increased personal knowledge and skill and a clear picture of the next step(s) towards improving PM&E processes that encourage learning within their own organisations.

This course is participatory, so small group work and peer-learning is an integral part of the process. In order to increase the benefit of the course, organisations are encouraged to register more than one employee, ideally including someone with decision making responsibility within the organisation. 

Dates and Application

16 - 20 April, Johannesburg - Apply here
22 - 26 October, Cape Town - Apply here

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Event Start Date: 
Tuesday, 13 March, 2018
Event End Date: 
Friday, 20 April, 2018
Event Venue: 
Cape Town, Johannesburg
Event Type: 
South Africa

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