ICCO Cooperation Partner Up event in South Africa


ICCO Cooperation Partner Up event in South Africa
30th August 2017
Make Agriculture Climate Smart

“Engineering inclusive economic development by scaling-up climate smart agriculture in South Africa”

ICCO Cooperation is an international organisation that works towards a world in which people can live in dignity and well-being, a world without poverty and injustice. With a track record of more than 50 years working in development, ICCO partners with enterprising people and organisations across the world to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. 

ICCO Cooperation in South Africa works with innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships,local initiatives and programmes. Using a multi-stakeholder approach, ICCO works towards transforming rural agriculture for the benefit of smallholder farmers and farm workers."
ICCO Cooperation believes that partnerships between public and private entities are an important condition to achieve enduring social and economic impact. Individual actions alone cannot solve world issues such as poverty, climate change, sustainable development, and others.

Each partner brings unique experiences, expertise and human capital to create meaningful relationships and form shared agendas for change and creating impact.
Partner Up is about the power of collaboration in promoting inclusive economic development and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.

We partner with organizations, businesses, governments-national and local; foundations, NGOs and knowledge institutions to share knowledge, learn and build new partnerships.
In South Africa, ICCO will be hosting its Partner Up event on August 30th to address the topic of “climate smart agriculture”, as it is pertinent for the country in terms of needs and opportunities.

The “climate smart agriculture” Partner Up event will provide a networking platform for sharing best practices, stimulate conversation and identify practical solutions.
Why climate smart agriculture
Climate change threatens to reverse the gains of sustainable development in South Africa, with the most significant impact expected to affect key sectors of the economy and the vulnerable groups such as smallholder farmers. The South African country studies program identified agriculture among the sectors in South Africa that will be significantly affected by increased temperatures, reduced rainfall and water scarcity. Major impacts include reduction in the amount of land suitable for both arable and pastoral agriculture, shortened length of the growing season and a decrease in yields, particularly along the margins of semi-arid and arid areas. Climate change is likely to further reduce agriculture’s contribution to the GDP, which has been declining over the years.
These changes will negatively impact both large-scale agriculture, which rely heavily on irrigation, small-scale farmers and the rural poor who practice rain-fed agriculture. The projected impacts have far-reaching consequences for national food security and the national economy.
There is need for stakeholders to deliberate and agree on how a green economy can offer sustainable solutions to help smallholder farmers better adapt to the vagaries of climate change as well as attract young people and create jobs, thus improving livelihood and break the cycle of poverty. 
The Partner Up event on climate smart agriculture
The workshop hosted by ICCO Cooperation will bring together experts and actors in climate smart agriculture to discuss, propose solutions and build partnerships on “Engineering Inclusive Economic Development by scaling-up Climate Smart Agriculture in South Africa”.
The theme that will guide our discussion is “How public- private partnerships in climate-smart agriculture can transform climate change from crisis to opportunity for youth in South Africa”.
The event will provide opportunities to the public and private sectors to come together and explore partnering prospects and practical solutions.

Event Start Date: 
Wednesday, 30 August, 2017
Event End Date: 
Wednesday, 30 August, 2017
Event Venue: 
Southern Sun

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