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On the 21st of April 2017 twenty children from Refano Primary School in Bronkhorstspruit were killed in a taxi accident. The loss of these young lives has had a devastating psycho-social impact on the community. 

Childline Gauteng proposes that the most appropriate way of remembering the children from Refano Primary school is for us to bring together children from all over the Tshwane districts we work in to have their voices heard on issues of transport safety. We wish to facilitate this process through a Soul Buddyz and Rise Young Women club Congress meeting towards the end of August/ early September. The Congress will host approximately 400 children from primary schools and high schools in the areas where Soul Buddyz and Rise Young Women clubs are active. 

Date: 26 August -  2 September

Time: 10:00

The Objectives are as follows:

1. Create an artistic platform for children’s voices to be heard by government and taxi associations 
2. Teach children how to organize and collectively be heard on the issues that affect them 
3. To instill in them a healthy sense of belonging and the power of “positive peer pressure”, thereby reducing the allure of gangs or negative peer groups as coping measures for dealing with tragedy
4. To develop their communication skills, in order to improve their capacity to be heard at a national level
5. To facilitate the healing process through art therapy and collective action 

The Congress Content is as follows:

  • Art as a means to be part of a safe and secure transport and learning environment 
  • Introduction to the purpose and theme of the congress by Childline 
  • Introduction to the art making process by Lefika (psychoanalytically trained art therapists) 
  • Children to be grouped by area and work collectively on project alongside Lefika and Childline therapists (zines, collages, posters) 
  • Let Children’s art describe their feelings about loss of life and tragedy and the kind of world they want to grow up into 
  • Creativity and Problem-solving skill development through art project 
  • After this process children can present their work to larger group 
  • Presentations to be received and responded to by the following 
  • Short presentation by Department of Education representatives 
  • Short presentation by local taxi association representatives 
  • Short presentation by Department of transport representatives 
  • Throughout the day children will take turns to be part of the creation of Mural in remembrance of the children from Refano Primary school 

We believe this project will assist us to Foster a culture of Ubuntu – “I am because we are” through the creation of an artistic platform we experience

  • Rights and responsibilities 
  • Being a part of a system of interconnected systems (family, class, school, community, province, country, world, etc.)
Event Start Date: 
Saturday, 26 August, 2017
Event End Date: 
Saturday, 2 September, 2017
Event Venue: 

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