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South Africa celebrated World Water Day on March 22.

Water demand is expected to exceed supply in South Africa by 17% in 2030, according to a report released on the eve of World Water Day by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Christine Colvin, senior manager in the fresh water unit at WWF comments that climate change is expected to result in more erratic supplies of water so that means we need to get ready to do more with less.

"The state of future water governance is a critical uncertainty and one which needs to be addressed by the private sector, as well as government. Stronger collaboration on shared resources like water will be critical for water security," said Colvin.

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This week also saw South Africans celebrate Human Rights Day. A day marked with commemorations for those people who fought for equal rights in this country.

Section27, a public interest center, published a statement calling South Africans to defend the Constitution and honour those who sacrificed their lives for the attainment of our democracy.

The statement reads, “It is heartening that our government recognises that our Constitution is an ultimate protector of our Human Rights, rights that were previously denied to the majority of our people. This makes the calls from some quarters to water down, revisit or even recall the Constitution dangerous and against everything we fought for.”

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