​R250m Donation a Boost for KNP

The South African National Parks has used the R250 million donated by American philanthropist and businessman, Howard G Buffet, to help boost measures to protect the Kruger National Park (KNP) from poachers.

Major general, Johan Jooste, head of the anti-poaching operations, points out that, “The park has upgraded their protection by upgrading ranger points by enabling them to operate helicopters, house the K9 dogs and the training of the rangers, making sure that their equipment is up to scratch.”

Activists Call for Protection of White Lions

The chief executive officer of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, Linda Tucker, says very few white lions are still roaming freely in South Africa.

Wildlife activists are calling on the world to preserve and protect rare white lions before they are extinct.

This comes as South Africa prepares to host 2016 Convention for the International Trade of Engendered Species, Cites in September.

​Black Celebrities Fight Against Poaching

Efforts to save the rhino have mainly fallen inside the terrain of South Africa’s white and wealthy folk‚ but a new campaign is trying to turn that around.

Anti-poaching campaign by conservation organisation, WildAid, has called on black celebrities to join the fight in a series of television and billboard adverts.

Campaign ambassadors, Maps Maponyane‚ Stacey Holland and Masasa Mbangeni, spoke to TMG Digital this week to tell us why they care about the cause‚ and why you should too.

Lack of Funding Hinders Development

The chairperson of Botswana’s Organisation of Wildlife Victims Welfare (OWVW), Oefile Tladi, says that lack of funding for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) hinders their development.
Tladi argues that despite lack of funding and manpower, OWVW is determined to reach its mandate and objectives of reducing deaths or injuries caused by wild animals and increasing safety in wild life areas by conducting public education.

AWF Calls for Lion Hunting Ban

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), calls on the world to totally ban sport hunting of Africa’s lions until the decline in lion populations is reversed.

AWF senior director of conservation science, Philip Muruthi, warns that lions are extinct in North Africa, severely depleted across West and Central Africa, and now losing ground in their strongholds of East and Southern Africa.

R30m Donation for Anti-Poaching Fight

The Peace Parks Foundation says it will invest R30 million in anti-poaching efforts in Mozambique and game parks in Limpopo.

In a press statement, the Foundation declares that the funds would be spent on upgrading field communication technology used by rangers, cross-border radio communication systems, training rangers, improving their working conditions, counter-trafficking programmes, sniffer dogs, and research.

Global March Against Poaching

Thousands marched in Africa and around the world on 4 October 2014 to pressure governments to do more to stop the poaching industry that many fear is driving rhinos and elephants to the brink of extinction.
The protests, dubbed the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, took place in 136 cities and towns across six continents, from Soweto to Nairobi, and Paris to New York and Tokyo.
In South Africa, which is struggling to stem a rhino poaching crisis, demonstrators gathered across 17 cities.

Rhino Poaching on the Increase in SA

Kim Helfrich says that in cold statistics, the number of rhinos poached a day in South Africa has now reached three with 769 of these Big Five animals killed to date this year.

Helfrich states that this equates to 3.027 animals a day and the country’s internationally renowned Kruger National Park remains the preferred hunting ground for rhino poachers.

Zambia Lifts Ban on Safari Hunting

Zambia’s government states that it has lifted the 20-month ban on safari hunting because it has lost too much revenue, but lions and leopards will remain protected.

The ban was imposed in January 2013 over allegations of corruption in the awarding of government hunting concessions, and because of fears for the future of the country's population of big cats.

NGO Condemns Death Threats Against its Staff

The World Wildlife Fund has condemned ‘death threats’ against two of its staff fighting oil exploration in a Democratic Republic of Congo nature park just weeks after the park's director was shot.
In a press statement, the organisation points out that, “Unidentified callers have threatened the personal safety of two employees working in the city of Goma."


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