Africa Is Not Poor, We Are Stealing Its Wealth

Africa is poor, but we can try to help its people.

It’s a simple statement, repeated through a thousand images, newspaper stories and charity appeals each year, so that it takes on the weight of truth. When we read it, we reinforce assumptions and stories about Africa that we’ve heard throughout our lives. We reconfirm our image of Africa.

Try something different. Africa is rich, but we steal its wealth.

Global Inequality is 'Staggering' – Oxfam

Oxfam says wealth accumulated by the richest one percent will exceed that of the other 99 percent in 2016.
Speaking head of the annual meeting of the world's most powerful at Davos, Switzerland, Oxfam executive director, Winnie Byanyima, points out that, “The scale of global inequality is quite simply staggering and despite the issues shooting up the global agenda, the gap between the richest and the rest is widening fast.”

Inequality in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world. It is often said to be the most unequal, but that is incorrect. A number of countries, for example Namibia and Seychelles, have higher gini coefficients (the measure most often used to measure income distribution) than does South Africa1. There are a number of other countries that are clearly very unequal - some major oil producers for example - but, for obvious reasons, choose not to measure the extent of their inequality.

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