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Water Crisis in South Africa

South Africa is a country located at the Southern Tip of Africa. About twice the size of Texas it is home to 49 million people. This country has been stricken by affects from the long standing apartheid to the devastation that diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB have caused. Now another crisis looms in the distance: Water. As more and more people migrate into cities from rural villages the pressure for the city to meet the water demands is ever increasing.

Zimbabweans Fear Cholera Outbreak

The water crisis facing Harare has sparked fears of an outbreak of diseases such as cholera, which led to thousands of deaths less than a decade ago.

Hit by severe drought, low reservoir levels and a crumbling water supply infrastructure, wide swathes of the city are now restricted to running water two days a week and have become reliant on potentially polluted sources for everyday use.

The drought has seen rivers, boreholes and wells dry up, often because of poor farming practices and building on wetlands, as well as one of the hottest summers in recent years.

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